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معاينة النص
تنزيل النص
تنزيل النص
تحميل الفونت/الخط
الحروف اللاتينيةلاتنية وغير شبيهةلاتينية وشبيهة  مرافقة وشبيهة
الأرقام المرافقةأرقام مشرقيةأرقام غبارية  غبارية ومشرقية (123، ١٢٣)
إجمالي التحميلات963
الأسبوع الماضي2
الإسمA Jannat LT
الإصدارVersion 1.00 July 3, 2008, initial release
حقوق النشر
المصمّمNadine Chahine and Adrian Frutiger رابط
المُنتِـجAdobe / Linotype GmbH
Janna is designed by Lebanese designer Nadine Chahine. It is based on the Kufi style but incorporates aspects of Ruqaa and Naskh in the letter form designs. This results in what could be labeled as a humanist Kufi, a Kufi style that refers to handwriting structures and slight modulation to achieve a more informal and friendly version of the otherwise highly structured and geometric Kufi styles. Janna, which means "heaven" in Arabic was first designed in 2004 as a signage face for the American University of Beirut. So, the design is targeted towards signage applications but is also quite suited for various applications from low resolution display devices to advertising headlines to corporate identity and branding applications. The Latin companion to Janna is Adrian Frutiger's Avenir which is included also in the font. The font also includes support for Arabic, Persian, and Urdu as well as proportional and tabular numerals for the supported languages.
الخط متاح للتحميل لا يعني أنه مجاني بالضرورة، أو مجاني فقط للاستخدام الغير التجاري.
المرجو التحقق من التراخيص عبر المعلومات والروابط والإيمايلات أعلاه، أو عبر محركات البحث.
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